5 thoughts on “Squadron 209 Blog

  1. The Squadron is hosting a Mission Scanner class on June 24 and 25. The class on the 24th will be held at the Payson Police Department training room. The next day, the class will move to the Squadron hangar for work in the plane. More details to follow…


  2. Numerous wrong-runway landings have occurred at Tucson International Airport (KTUS), especially when runways 29 are in use.  Many pilots have mistaken runway 29R for 29L.  Runway 29L is off-set approximately 2,500 feet northwest of the runway 29R threshold.  In addition, runway 29L is narrower than runway 29R.  Also be aware that Taxiway A is parallel to runway 29R and may be mistaken for a runway.  Pilots are urged to thoroughly plan for their arrival at Tucson in advance.  See the current airport diagram and photos under Safety on the Reference/Training Materials page.


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